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With over 13 years experience, Woodworks Refinishing provides quality hardwood floor refinishing services throughout the Waterloo Region

After gaining experience with a variety of custom hardwood installers and refinishers across Canada, Ben Locke founded Woodworks Hardwood Refinishing. Locke’s portfolio includes all scales of hardwood projects, from custom gymnasium flooring to oak inlaid stairs.

At Woodworks, we use state-of-the-art sanding equipment, tailored to the size of the job. Our process minimizes the amount of dust and waste during the refinishing process.

Ben Locke personally participates in every job that Woodworks Refinishing completes, assuring the highest standard of quality for hardwood floor refinishing services in the Kitchener-Waterloo Area.

Our Services

At Woodworks Hardwood Refinishing, we offer several different options for your floor. Deciding which option is the best fit for your hardwood will depend on the severity of your floor’s current condition and the look that you want to achieve.


Sand & Finish

The most popular choice for revitalizing old hardwood floors, the process consists of sanding, buffing, staining and finishing.


Buff & Coat

A buff & coat is most appropriate for floors that are in good condition, but could use a bit of a polish.



Staining is an optional part of the sand & finish process. Staining a floor can also help hide water damage and pet stains.



Damaged floorboards can be removed and replaced with closely-matching boards.


Gym Lines

For gymnasiums, game lines and custom logos can be taped and painted


Stair Treads

Wooden stair treads can be refinished at the same time as a main floor area.

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