Posted on May 08, 2013

At Woodworks Hardwood Refinishing, we offer several different options for your floor. Deciding which option is the best fit for your hardwood will depend on the severity of your floor’s current condition and the look that you want to achieve.

Buff & Coat

Preforming a buff & coat on your hardwood floor is a 2 step process:

1) Buffing: Using a buffer, lightly scratch the surface of the finish on the hardwood floor. This prepares the floor to take a new coat of finish.

2) Coating: Apply a fresh coat of finish to the floor, restoring it’s original sheen.

A buff & coat is most appropriate for floors that are in good condition, but could use a bit of a polish. It is the fastest and easiest way of getting beautiful gleaming floors. However, if your floor has stains, deep scratches, or damaged wood, a buff and coat will not be sufficient.

Sand & Finish

A Sand & Finish process is the most popular choice for revitalizing old hardwood floors. The process consists of sanding, buffing, staining and applying several coats of finish to a floor.

A Sand & Finish process is the most popular choice for revitalizing old hardwood floors. The process consists of:

1) Dustless Sanding: Starting with a coarser grit and moving to a finer grit of sandpaper, the floor’s finish, built-up wax and dirt is removed. Careful sanding ensures that the minimum possible amount of wood is actually removed from your floors. The depth of sanding necessary depends on the original state of the hardwood.

2) Buffing: An abrasive screen is used to blend the remaining fine sanding marks; this makes these marks virtually invisible to the natural eye.

3) Staining (optional): If a stain has been selected, the staining process commences. We can help you choose the best stain for your hardwood.

4) Finishing: With our process, three coats of finish are applied within 36 hours. Drying times will vary, depending on whether you choose a water or oil-based finish. You can read more about water-based vs oil-based finishes here. After each coat of finish is applied, the floors are buffed with an abrasive screen. The perimeter of the floors is hand-sanded in preparation for each successive coat. After the final application of finish, the floor can be walked on after approximately 24 hours. Because furniture and area rugs cover larger sections of floor, we recommend that area rugs remain off the still-curing floors for 2-4 weeks.

Stair Refinishing

We refinish hardwood stairs treads and bring them back to their original state. If the rises are composed of original wood, they can be refinished at the same time. Unfortunately, the majority of risers are veneer. We avoid refinishing veneer risers because there is too great of a risk of sanding through the veneer. If the staircase has spindles or railings, we avoid doing the removal process, as this is a job better suited to a specialty carpenter.

Carpet Removal

Oftentimes, beautiful hardwood floors are hiding beneath layers and layers of carpet. Our qualified staff will be happy to assist you with removing your carpet. After the carpet is completely removed, the floor is then swept. Any protruding nails must be countersunk to avoid damaging our sanding equipment.


If you have portions of hardwood flooring that are severely damaged, it is possible to remove those pieces and replace them with either reclaimed hardwood or new hardwood. Reclaimed or salvaged hardwood flooring is wood that has previously been used in another building or home. During a renovation, it was removed and can be re-used. Reclaimed hardwood is ideal for repairs on older floors, because it will best match the colour and age of the existing floor.

Unfortunately, reclaimed hardwood flooring is often difficult to source. If reclaimed hardwood is not an option, new hardwood can be used. Over time, the new hardwood will age to match the existing.

Moving Furniture

All Furniture must be completely removed from the rooms prior to beginning a hardwood refinishing job. Our staff are not professional movers and they are not trained or insured to relocate your furniture. If you do need professional help with your furniture, we have compiled a list of furniture movers in the Kitchener-Waterloo area here.

In every case, after we have refinished your floors, we will provide you with specific guidance pertaining to maintenance. We want you to be happy with your refinished hardwood for years to come. Contact us to start your upcoming hardwood refinishing project.


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